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8 Days V - Call for Participants



8 DAYS is an intensive encounter open to all Canadian choreographers working both in Canada and abroad – a gathering that values curiosity, creative risk-taking, reflection and a fluid approach to theory, practice and fun.

8 DAYS is an opportunity to collide practices, to provoke, invigorate and inspire. Instigated in 2012 by Ame Henderson and Tedd Robinson, the ongoing 8 DAYS project addresses a need for peer-to-peer choreographic encounters in Canada, insisting that such encounters are crucial to the continued relevance of the art form. How dance artists work is intimately related to what they create. Theory and practice, talking and making, doing and reflecting, are understood as interwoven threads of creative development. 8 DAYS takes seriously the importance of time outside the pressures of production-driven work to create space, to reflect on one’s current practice and to envision – through dialogue, experimentation, and feisty conviviality – new artistic possibilities.

For 8 DAYS V, six Canadian choreographers, selected by open call, will be invited to join the participants of previous 8 DAYS encounters. The resulting group of up to 33 artists will co-author an experience influenced by their surroundings and guided by their overlapping and divergent experiences and desires. Participants are asked to arrive with a curiosity and openness about what this encounter might be, willingness to expose and share, and a rigour around intellectual and artistic exchange.

Days are primarily structured around group meals; sustenance informs how the group functions. The days also include sharing and exploring work and methods, reading, open discussion, as well as time for leisure and personal reflection. Each participant is responsible for facilitating or planning a portion of the shared time.

It is imperative that 8 DAYS engages with the community at large. To this end, each participant will be asked to respond to the concept of documentation and the need that we share the experience. Participants will propose and create responses specific to 8 DAYS during or immediately following the gathering. This co-authored response will be disseminated via a framework determined by the contributors in order to share the process and its outcomes.

Logistical Details

8 DAYS V will be held at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. Housed in a former school, Artscape Gibraltar Point offers 35,000 square feet of multi-use space. Artists will enjoy semi-private accommodations, bright and spacious studios, a shared kitchen and lounge, free wi-fi, and bike rentals. This idyllic beachfront property has the feeling of a remote cottage getaway but is a short fifteen-minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto.

The participating artists should anticipate arriving on June 13th, and departing on June 22nd 2016. Public Recordings has applied for funding to cover travel costs and meals. Funding results should be known by the end of March 2016. Participants are encouraged to seek further funding to support their participation.

Deadline December 1st, 2015

Please submit a recent biography along with an application detailing your current choreographic curiosities in relation to the milieu. Address how this encounter might enrich your practice, position yourself in regard to the documentation process, and propose what you would like to share with the group and what kind of activity you would like to facilitate. Your application may take the form of a letter of intent, video or audio recording or other material (or any combination thereof). Use whichever method will allow you to best respond to the specific concerns of 8 DAYS and demonstrate your thoughts and practice.

The selection committee is comprised of four past participants and one invited guest. As the committee changes each year, past applicants are encouraged to reapply.

Applications can be submitted in English or French. Please note: the primary working language will be English.

All materials must be submitted electronically. Support materials must be included as an attachment or available online. Make sure to include all necessary links and access information. Please note, applications sent by mail cannot be processed.

For more information and to apply: eightdays (at) publicrecordings (dot) org


Project History

8 DAYS was held at la B.A.R.N. on Lac Leslie in the Pontiac Region of Quebec, from June 16 – 24, 2012. It was hosted and supported by 10 Gates Dancing Inc. and Public Recordings.

Selection committee: Sara Coffin, Ame Henderson, Tedd Robinson, Stephen Thompson

Participants: Justine A. Chambers, Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté, Ame Henderson, Benjamin Kamino, Davida Monk, Tedd Robinson, Stephen Thompson, Michael Trent


8 DAYS II was held at ten fifteen maple and The Dance Centre from August 10-18, 2013. It was hosted by Justine A. Chambers and Public Recordings, and received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Public Recordings, The Dance Centre and ten fifteen maple.

Selection committee: Martin Belanger, Justine A. Chambers, Benjamin Kamino, Davida Monk

Participants: Naomi Brand, Justine A. Chambers, Karine Denault, Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté, Caroline Gravel, Ame Henderson, Christopher House, Davida Monk, Andrew Tay, Stephen Thompson, Michael Trent, Laurie Young


8 DAYS III was held at Artscape Gibraltar Point from June 16-24, 2014. It was hosted by Public Recordings, and received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Dance Theatre and 10 Gates Dancing Inc.

Selection committee: Naomi Brand, Caroline Gravel, Robin Poitras, Laurie Young

Participants: Martin Bélanger, Naomi Brand, Justine A. Chambers, Karine Denault, Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté, Caroline Gravel, Ame Henderson, Christopher House, Benjamin Kamino, Jennifer Mascall, Freya Olafson, Bee Pallomina, Tedd Robinson, Andrew Tay, Stephen Thompson, Michael Trent, Peter Trosztmer, Katie Ward, Laurie Young


8 DAYS IV was held at Artscape Gibraltar Point from June 14-23, 2015. It was hosted by Public Recordings and received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Public Recordings and Mascall Dance.

Selection Committee: Caroline Gravel, Bee Pallomina, Freya Olafson, Lin Snelling

Participants: Jacinte Armstrong, Naomi Brand, Karine Denault, Marie Claire Forté, Caroline Gravel, Ame Henderson, Adam Kinner, Christopher House, Johanna Householder, Benjamin Kamino, Liz Kinoshita, Jennifer Mascall, Nicole Mion, Freya Olafson, Bee Pallomina, Thea Patterson, Andrew Tay, Michael Trent, Peter Trosztmer, Katie Ward, Laurie Young