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Designing for Dance Andrea Brussa Costume Design Workshop for Dance

JULY 11 - JULY 15, 2016


Designing for Dance

Andrea Brussa Costume Design Workshop for Dance


From Pablo Picasso for the Ballets Russes, to choreographer Damien Jalet’s collaboration with Marina Abramovic; more and more visual artists, architects, fashion and product designers are working with dance-based concepts and performers. This program will introduce designers of all disciplines to the fundamentals of designing for dance. Participants will utilize their own artistic ideas and concepts to transform the presentation of dance to future audiences and dancemakers.

What does the program offer?

The program will be led by the 2016 Andrea Brussa Master Artist, visionary designer, painter and sculptor Alexander Polzin, with guest faculty that includes the head of the New York City Ballet costume department, Mark Happel and from Norway Opera and Ballet, the theatre and fashion designer, Stine Sjøgren. Participants will work with summer dance faculty, which includes choreographers, set and lighting designers and technical specialists of the craft of costume and scenic fabrication, to realise and prototype their design ideas on choreographers and dancers.

Who should apply?

Post-graduate students interested in expanding their understanding and developing skills in theatre design for dance. The majority of applicants will have significant experience or formal training in visual art, fashion design, or theatre. Applicants from other disciplines who are skilled in visual expression are also encouraged to apply. Please mention any skills or techniques that you may have that would be of interest to dance choreographers in your application.

This program is generously supported by Andrea Brussa

Contact the Registrar

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