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Chase Scenes #1-58 - by Ming Hon

  • aceartinc. 290 McDermot Ave Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0T2 Canada (map)


Performances: 8pm, 19, 20, 21 June 2015

Installation: 3-18 July

Artist Talk: 5.30pm, 3 July 

All Events are at aceartinc. & Free

The performance features myself alongside a supporting cast which includes Hilary Bergen, Carol-Ann Bohrn, and Trevor Pick.

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 Ming Hon in photo by Alex Elliott

Ming Hon in photo by Alex Elliott

Chase Scenes #1-58   |  Ming Hon  I aceartinc.

It's evening. A tree lined park absorbs the rhythmic sound of her heels against concrete.  The sharp snap of a twig interjects. She pauses looking back. Silence. Her steps continue, only to be interrupted by heavy breathing and a shuffling through the trees.  Fear. Picking up her pace, she propels herself forward, walking quickly now.  Her thighs and calves are taut, the bones of her feet locked within the forced architecture of her stilettos.  Her heart and arms pump, the beginning of an accelerating crescendo of her own breath sharply entering and exiting her lungs. Her eyes search wildly for an escape route. Her neck twists back frantically to see what distance lies between her and ...what? What happens when one gets caught?

Chase Scenes #1-58 is a live performance and installation on the subject of pursuit. Informed by our collective nightmare of being followed or chased and the manifestation of this in film and visual culture, Chase Scenes #1-58 intersects live performers enacting variations of being chased, with video cameras and screens that display live feed projections. Real, living bodies in motion blur with the spectacle of filmic bodies on screen. Classic film techniques (P.O.V., close-ups, slow motion, stalker vision) frame those bodies in conventions that place meaning upon them.

An exploration into how the emotional makes way for the physical. How the psychology, adrenaline, and intense fear of the pursued manifests in the inherent impulse of forward motion. The audience viewing this performance participates in a number of complex ways: as voyeurs of the spectacle; as practiced watchers of film, familiar with the visual language of the chase scene; and as individuals with bodies whose flight/fight or pursuer modes are activated.

‘Cutting to the chase' is a common turn of phrase originating from early silent films. Screenwriters would bore the audience with unnecessary filler for a length of time leading up to the chase scene, which was the most anticipated part of the movie. Chase Scenes #1-58 are delivered straight, no chaser.

Concept and Choreography by Ming Hon

Featuring Ming Hon

Supporting cast features Hilary Bergen, Carol-Ann Bohrn, and Trevor Pick

Photo Alexandra Elliott

Later Event: July 16