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CORNER OF by Little Sparrow Theatre Company


Created Collaboratively by

Arne MacPherson, Elise Page, Janelle Hacault, Jillian Willems, Melanie Whyte, Noah Luis, Simon Miron and Teri­-Lynn Friesen

“Who is my neighbour?”

WINNIPEG, July 4, 2016­ Coming to the 2016 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Little Sparrow Theatre Co is excited to premiere CORNER OF starting July 13th at One88. Members of Little Sparrow Theatre Co have been workshopping elements of contemporary dance, acapella music, technology and story to create a theatrical representation of a street corner. On this corner, we’ll examine the question, “Who is my neighbour?” by exploring the unlikely encounters, the moments of generosity, and the shared struggles of the various people whose paths cross at this intersection. Boasting seven original songs, and using soundscapes and gestures as a basis for exploration, the result is a musical unlike what you have seen before.

CORNER OF features an impressive cast of local performers including Arne MacPhersonElise Page, Jillian WillemsMelanie Whyte and Noah Luis.

The creative team includes Director Teri­-Lynn Friesen, Choreographer Janelle Hacault, with Music Composition by Simon Miron. Stage Management by Melissa Novecosky.

Tickets are $10 and available online at or at the RMTC Box Office. 

Show times are: 

July 13, 7:45 pm, 

July 14 7: 45 pm, 

July 15 8:30 pm, 

July 16 8: 00 pm, 

July 17 9:45 pm, 

July 18 5:30 pm, 

July 20 7:45 pm, 

July 21 7:15 pm, 

July 22 5:00 pm

July 23 9:45 pm.