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Dance Post hosts Mitzvah & Itcush class taught by Kana Nemoto

  • Masterworks Studios 333 King St Winnipeg, MB, R3B 0C4 Canada (map)

Join The Dance Post for its first session of Mitzvah and Itcush class by certified instructor Kana Nemoto!

Class time: 10-11:30am Every Tuesday and Thursday from May 26-June 25th, 2015

Class location: Masterworks studios - 333 King Street (corner of King and Main)  *free parking

Class Cost: Drop-in rate is $7 or buy a Session Card for $50 which equals to $5/class.  We take cash or cheque in person or purchase a session card on our site.

Session Card Purchase for Mitzvah & Itcush Classes

Class Description: The class will be introductory class, focusing on the basic theories in Mitzvah and Itcush, and basic floor exercises. Those theories and exercises will help understanding better head, neck, spine alignment and how to release unnecessary tension in the body. It's for all ages and body types. 

What is needed: please bring a mat and bath towel for the floor exercises. Also, comfortable and warm clothes (Sometimes it get chilly lying down on the floor).

Kana's phone number is 204-887-0857. People can contact her directly if they have any specific question about the class

More Info:  The Mitzvah Technique and Itsuch Method:

The Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method is a new approach to learn movement and function of the body. Focusing on the alignment and mechanics of the body, we learn to release unnecessary tension and find efficient movement with minimum effort. Concentrating on fundamental movements by learning exercises on the floor and using a chair we allow the body to return to its ideal movement, function and freedom to expand movement possibility.

Specific benefits for dancers are:

  • Learn exercises that help open and release unnecessary tension in the joints and muscles
  • Bring more awareness of your own body and movement
  • Find a better relationship with the floor so that you can feel and understand the forces acting in your body
  • Return to an optimal postural alignment that will prolong your health and prevent pain and injuries

Teacher Biography:

Kana Nemoto is a Certified Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method Teacher. 

Recently, Kana organized and taught in a collaborative project entitled “Remembering Amelia” in Regina, SK. This was a 2-year project (2012-2014), which was directed by Robin Poitras and received collaboration with Susan McKenzie (Vancouver) and Ashley Johnson (Saskatoon, Mitzvah Technique teacher) and other guest teachers including Jennifer Mascall, Elaine Hansen (Vancouver) and Davida Monk (Calgary) who have been inspired in their work by Mitzvah Technique and Itcush Method. 

 Native to Kobe, Japan, Kana arrived in Canada in 2009 to pursue individual training with Amelia Itcush (1945-2011), an Alexander Technique, and Mitzvah Technique teacher who founded the Itcush Method. As a young ballet dancer, Kana was introduced to the Mitzvah Technique in 1996 when Amelia taught the dancers at Kobe Ballet Studio (Kobe, Japan). This stirred Kana’s interests in a holistic and practical approach to body movement and led her to complete a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences at the Tottori University in Japan while she continued training at Tottori City Ballet (Tottori, Japan). After graduation, Kana made decision to move to Canada and pursue study in the Mitzvah Technique full-time. She began teacher training with Toshie Okabe (Toronto) and Amelia Itcush. Kana was certified as a Mitzvah Teacher in 2014 and has moved to Winnipeg to start her own MT practice and is actively involved in collaborations with other Mitzvah Teachers such as Kathy Morgan (Saskatoon) and Chihiro Tsubota (Kobe, Japan).     

In her academic life, outside of Mitzvah practice Kana undertook a M.Sc. study in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan from 2010-2013. Her thesis is complimentary to the body mechanics she practices as a Mitzvah Practitioner and focused on understanding the relationship between sedentary behavior and postural alignment. Since she relocated to Canada in 2009, she actively integrates her somatic practice into both the technical training and development of new work in dance, which led to collaborations with a variety of contemporary dancers such as Maxine Heppner and Takako Segawa (Toronto), Tina Bertoncini and Erica Jacks (Saskatoon, an apprentice in MT), and Robin Poitras (Regina). Kana continues to take summer school dance/somatic classes at New Dance Horizons and Royal Winnipeg Ballet and finds ways to live and pursue a life full of movement.

  Photo by   Daniel Paquet -

Photo by Daniel Paquet -