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Young Lungs Teacher Series 2015

  • Gas Station Arts Centre 355 River Ave Winnipeg, MB, R3L 0E4 Canada (map)


3 CLASSES DAILY ~ 60 MINS EACH ~ 10:05 AM / 11:10AM / 12:15PM START TIMES


FULL (30) - $125 HALF (15) - $72 TEN - $50 DAY - $18 SINGLE - $7 

payable by web / cheque / cash (ask for details) 

PLEASE SIGN IN FOR EACH CLASS (drop-in & registered alike)



WED, JULY 29  - 10:05 Johanna Riley 11:10 Jolene Bailie 12:15 Amarpreet Rehal

THU, JULY 30  - 10:05 Johanna Riley 11:10 Jolene Bailie 12:15 Amarpreet Rehal

FRI, JULY 31  - 10:05 Philippe Jacques 11:10 Jolene Bailie 12:15 Amarpreet Rehal

SAT, AUGUST 1  - 10:05 D-Anne Kuby 11:10 Philippe Jacques 12:15 Brenda McLean

MON, AUGUST 3  - 10:05 Mary Pidlaski 11:10 D-Anne Kuby 12:15 Philippe Jacques

TUE, AUGUST 4 - 10:05 Brenda McLean 11:10 Carol-Ann Bohrn 12:15 Philippe Jacques

WED, AUGUST 5 - 10:05 Natasha Torres-Garner 11:10 Johanna Riley 12:15 Carol-Ann Bohrn

THU, AUGUST 6  - 10:05 Natasha Torres-Garner 11:10 Philippe Jacques 12:15 Claire Borody

FRI, AUGUST 7  - 10:05 Philippe Jacques 11:10 Claire Borody 12:15 Zorya Arrow

SAT, AUGUST 8  - 10:05 D-Anne Kuby 11:10 Philippe Jacques 12:15 Zorya Arrow

Questions Concerns or Comments?

PLEASE Contact YLDE Administration:

Ian Mozdzen (204) 786-7980

570 Furby St. Wpg, MB R3B 2V8

D-Anne Kuby - Itʼs been a few years since D-Anne has taught a dance class but considering sheʼs had over 30 years of experience at it, she figures sheʼll remember how. Her practice focuses on the use of weight, breath, the flow of energy, noticing the impulse for movement, exploring delicate articulation, filling and manipulating space, and discovering the power of stillness.

Johanna Riley offers a contemporary
dance technique class combined with
elements of athletic training and
release technique. The class will
emphasize efficiency, versatility, and
postural health and core engagement,
while also engaging the intellect and the imagination.

Jolene Bailie is a choreographer, teacher and the Founding Artistic Director of Gearshifting Performance Works. Presenting shows annually in Winnipeg since 2000 and touring her work to national and international critical acclaim, Jolene holds a Masters of Fine Art in Dance through The American Dance Festival/Hollins University and has trained extensively at institutions, intensives, schools and with Master Teachers all over North America. Jolene will teach a centre contemporary class. Using progressions, the class will move fluidly, focusing on whole body integration and connecting through flow. Jolene currently teaches at RWB and SCD and has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Amarpreet RehaI graduated from the India school of dance, theatre and music in 2010 in Bharatanatyam classical dance. I have taught at the school since then, and am excited to teach the different aspects of Bharatanatyam.

Carol-Ann Bohrn will be leading a traditionally- structured ballet class. Carol-Annʼs focus is on discovering the fundamental aspects of ballet technique that are also applicable to modern and contemporary dance technique. She is informed by her studies in the Teacher Training Program at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (Cecchetti) in tandem with somatic practices that shestudied with Bill Evans (Bartenieff Fundamentals), Jennifer Mascall (MindBody-Centering), and Kana Nemoto (Itcush and Mitzvah method). Carol-Ann is a graduate of the School of Contemporary Dancers, and former company member of the White Birch Ballet in Saskatoon, SK.

Natasha Torres-Garner's class has come from her love of fall and recovery. All exercises focus on experimenting with a fall, in order to respond with rebound, resilience, and a love for feeling enjoyed vulnerability.

Claire Borody teaches at the University of Winnipeg in the Department of Theatre and Film and focuses her theatre practice on the creation of original theatre. An artist, needs something to say and a concrete language to express that. Through teaching - which I believe is more of a facilitating role - I try to provide performers with technique that they can use, or adapt, or advance in the development of a personal creative process.

Zorya Arrow is a performing
artist, dancer and graduate
from the Senior Professional
Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers. Zorya has studied clown intensively from David MacMurry Smith in Vancouver and has been incorporating clown into her performance/dance work ever since. From a performance perspective, this class will explore ways in which to access your fullest human expression in working towards an open performance quality between audience & performer.

Philippe Jacques graduated from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Schoolʼs Aspirant program, where he had the occasion to perform and tour internationally in many of the companyʼs productions. During this time, Philippe also explored the realm of choreography, creating for projects such as The David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramics in Toronto. Class: Building Blocks ... creating phrases using controlled improvisation. And core work ... lots of core work.

Mary Pidlaski - Dancer for
life. With a background in
professional jazz, ballet, and
influenced by much contemporary dance, she will bring to class with her an eclectic form of JAZZ movement derived from her favourite blend of these dances. The warm-up is smooth and technical ... like Mary, her class is fast-paced, energetic, with a twist of lyrical. She hopes you will leave feeling like your soul, not just your body, has awakened for your day. She is very excited to be sharing in this teacher
ʼs series for Young Lungs.

Brenda McLean is a theatre artist whose work is primarily in physical theatre, creating a number of original pieces; some of which are performed dialogue-less. Brenda teaches at PTE's theatre school, teaching Outside to Inside and directing The Adult company, she is also Co-Artistic Director of Theatre Incarnate. Brenda will teach physical theatre exercises in focus, emotional work, & action gestures. All work will be physical-based and incorporate techniques used to communicate with the body.